CX Intelligence Specialist, Innovation Leader

Degree on Social Sciences or Market Research is a must.

Relevant experience working on a Research Agency for at least 1 years is a must: quantitative and qualitative techniques such us focus group, surveys, consumer knowledge, data mining. This is a junior position

Experience working with R & Shiny.

We are not looking for Google Analytics or SEO/SEM Analyst, but those able to find interesting things among thousands of social mentions.

Passionate about human behavior and how habits are modify by new technologies.

Curious about digital marketing and how people use social media platforms to build their identities.

Competent in understanding and applying customer data, analytics and market research to business issues.

Ability to inform, explain, advise and consult internal teams on ways to apply the detected insights.

This is a Mid/Junior position, so we are not expecting you to master digital techniques, but to have a clear interest on learning new techniques, new tools, new programs and keep developing you ability to provide a clear understanding of a specific brand’s context.

    Cultural Fit

    • Honesty.
    • Efficiency.
    • Attention to detail.
    • Well organized
    • Fast Learning.
    • Creativity and Innovation.
    • Proactivity.
    • Goal driven.
    • Dynamic
    • Enthusiasm.
    • High Standards.
    • Communication Skills.
    • Teamwork.
    • Challenge willing

Findasense is a fast-growing company. It has developed and deployed marketing and consumer interaction solutions to more than 40 markets over the last 4 years. Since 2011, our team has doubled its size every year, and now comprises more than 250 full-time professionals. Findasense is fully aimed and committed to creating an outstanding, global and networked organization, with innovation, creativity and smart client service practices at the heart of all operations and capabilities. We love humble, talented, and ambitious people with strong ‘can-do’ and ‘start-up’ attitude.


To collaborate with the Strategy Team on understanding people/consumers from a holistic perspective, cross-checking data obtained from tradicional research techniques you already control (focus group, surveys, papers) and digital techniques such as social listening (text and visual), comment scrapping, data mining or netnography, as a way to transform all the information on actionable insights.

Outcomes & Main accountabilities

• Profiling different consumer segments (teens, moms, young adults), understanding how and why they behave the way they do. Enrich each profile periodically to provide useful insights to Strategy, Engagement and Creativity.

• Enhance the client’s reports with findings and improvement opportunities in conjunction with the Engagement & Strategy Team developing visualizations with Shiny & Markdown.

• Develop consumer reports for clients or Findasense, identifying trends, patterns and anomalies thats help to understand consumer behavior, both on social media and daily life.

• Analyze our clients' and competitors digital strategies, detecting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to generate actionable insights that enrich and enhance our strategic proposal for our clients.

• Support the New Business Unit with online research for specific projects.

Also, to collaborate with the Engagement Team on the following tasks:

• On-going monitoring of brand’s health on the digital sphere, identifying potential risks and opportunities regarding the stakeholders of each of our clients.

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